Executive Protection

High profile individuals are more exposed to threats from criminals and other disgruntled/unstable individuals. When exposed to risks such as kidnapping, blackmail, extortion and even assassination, S3AFRICA will provide either a high profile or unobtrusive, discreet and confidential close protection team.

Typically, this team will also manage, in cooperation with other personal staff, aspects such as accommodation, transportation, hospitality, VIP event coordination, leisure activities and media liaison.

Asset Protection

We believe that the quality of our service and selective client base sets us apart from and affords us a significant competitive advantage over “larger” security service providers. S3AFRICA plan in conjunction with the client and provide: Specialised high-risk asset protection services from low profile, discreet banking to full tactical teams and convoys. S3AFRICA has experience in the transport of all high-risk assets including vessels, vehicles, cash, gold, diamonds and chemicals.

Teams are selected from specialized backgrounds and all members are currently employed on the international private security circuit and have vast international experience mostly in Africa and the Middle East.

Project Security Planning & Management

We routinely undertake a complete review of the security measures required to manage a particular project. This is based on project specific risk assessments and on current information.

This includes but is not limited to: client liaison, complete project planning, project coordination, procurement, human resource management, drafting of standard documentation, operating procedures, payroll administration, logistics and movement coordination, operations management, training, EMS and technical backup.

Recruiting and Human Resource Management

S3AFRICA provides recruiting, human resource management and logistics services for the security and related industries such as the oil and gas sectors. S3AFRICA source, recruit, mobilise and manage all levels of contract staff for clients ensuring that clients can remain focused on their core business.

S3AFRICA has provided recruiting, human resource management and logistics services throughout Africa and the Middle East.

Event Security

No matter what the nature of an event is, there will always be individuals/ groups intent on or unintentionally disrupting proceedings. With a wealth of high-profile event security experience, S3AFRICA can provide a security team to plan and execute event security that will ensure that an event can run smoothly, without disruption and with minimal risks to delegates.

S3AFRICA cater for small, discreet, low profile executive meetings (which can include counter surveillance and counter eavesdropping measures) to stadium venue high profile sporting and entertainment events.

Maritime Security

S3AFRICA provide protection services to vessels travelling in waters off the African coast notorious for piracy. S3AFRICA provide a full range of services including project management, the drafting of security plans, crew training and all related services. S3AFRICA has provided maritime security and consultancy services in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean since 2007.

Periodic Audits and Reviews

The environment in which businesses operate is constantly evolving, so too are the risks and threats to which it is exposed. S3AFRICA will undertake comprehensive periodic reviews of security threats, structures, policies and processes. This can also include physical security surveys of offices, plants and all facilities.

Asset Management

S3AFRICA capability includes the management of client assets, including related administration, logistics, manpower and maintenance. Our services routinely include the management of assets such as vehicles, cargo vehicles, vessels and aircraft.

Incident Response and Support

Being prepared and flexible enough to deal with contingencies is what differentiates excellence from mediocrity in service provision. This is particularly true when working in areas where violent crime and life-threatening events are part of daily life. All S3AFRICA staff members have the local knowledge and expertise required to avoid exposing our clients to life-threatening situations. They are also trained to respond quickly and effectively in such situations to preserve life and to ensure safe extraction. On all tasks, back up resources are available 24/7. These teams are available to offer immediate advice, support and to organise resources on-the-ground in support of the client and security staff.

Information Security

Information management lies at the heart of effective decision making and business management. The technology available today has effectively resulted in the “paperless office”. This, and the ease with which executives are able to travel internationally has made organisation and decision-makers dependent upon computers and mobile phone communications. While technological advances make information accessible and communication possible from anywhere around these systems are easily subject to interception and misuse. S3AFRICA will assist clients to design effective systems and procedures for the handling, storage and destruction of hard copy information as well as for the secure transmission of commercially sensitive material.