Close Protection

A large portion of our core business entails the provision of comprehensive protection services for national and international clients in the corporate, entertainment and private sectors. Typically, these services include security advance work and planning, residential/ hotel security and protection in transit. More importantly though, we will assist in assessing the risk to recommend a level of security that is appropriate to the real or perceived threat.

Personal Protection Service

Where individuals or families require personal protection and where client wishes or financial constraints prevent the deployment of a close protection team, S3AFRICA can provide a one on one close protection officer and consultant, who will handle all client security requirements (Planning, driver, logistics, liaison) and acts as consultant on all aspects of safety and security for the protected individual/ family.

Celebrity Protection

Celebrities all over the world are tormented by paparazzi, stalkers, criminal and mentally unstable elements. S3AFRICA deploy teams to provide a protective blanket and deterrent that allows clients to concentrate on business. As in the case of executive protection, this team also assists in managing, in cooperation with other client personal staff, aspects such as transportation, hospitality, special event coordination and media liaison.

Extraction and Repatriation

Emergency situations such as medical crises, natural disasters, acts of terrorism and civil unrest can necessitate the extraction and repatriation of foreign nationals. S3AFRICA will not only provide support during these emergencies but will also provide strategic planning support to assist in developing country-specific, workable, crisis management policies, procedures, and in preparing and testing extraction and evacuation plans.

Risk Assessments

No two businesses, regions or premises have the same security requirements. Although the basic elements of a good security plan remain generic, S3AFRICA will source accurate local intelligence, conduct due diligence investigations, and identify areas open to corruption and other criminal activity that may pose a risk to a business and or infrastructure. Once this has been completed an effective and cost-efficient security solution can be presented for consideration.

Life Support

S3AFRICA has the capacity to provide full life support and sustainment including: dedicated secure transport, secure accommodation, meals, water, and associated services such as laundry, internet, etc. for teams and/or individuals deployed in Africa.

Physical Security

The physical location, purpose and setting of premises are important considerations in determining the various physical security risks that can be anticipated. On the basis of a comprehensive risk assessment S3AFRICA will provide recommendations that collectively form the framework of a comprehensive physical security plan.

Generally, our security plans are developed around overlapping concentric security zones:

  • Outer perimeter such as fences and walls with electronic access control and surveillance systems as well as manned access points providing control of personnel traffic and vehicles;
  • Inner perimeter with roaming guards and additional electronic surveillance and possible additional access points;
  • Facility Infrastructure. Optimising the protection of infrastructure self is best achieved during the design and construction phase. Ideally, security input should be considered early in the architectural design phase to ensure that layout, doors, windows, strong rooms, safes, etc. are correctly sited and that satisfactory standards for construction are established. This prevents having to undertake expensive retro-fitting and re-design.

Additional considerations that also require proper prior planning are effective alarm/surveillance systems to provide, under all circumstances, warning of unauthorised entry or attempted entry, and emergency power and lighting without which the effectiveness of surveillance and guard systems is significantly decreased during hours of darkness. S3AFRICA provides all of the above services, however, in many cases they can be effectively, and more cost-efficiently outsourced to local service providers. In cases where security services are to be outsourced, S3AFRICA can assist in drafting the Scope of Work and Technical Standards for service agreements. It will also provide Quality Management oversight of the outsourced service through a system of periodic scheduled and unannounced audits and reviews.

Personnel Security

Employees play a key role in any security plan and must be correctly tasked and trained. Conversely, staff who are inadequately briefed and trained may nullify security measures.

Vetting: Ideally local staff should be professionally vetted prior to employment. If such vetting is not possible, care should be taken to ensure that references are fully investigated to ensure that they are from a reliable source. In addition, it is advisable to check that the circumstances of staff’s private lives do not provide leverage for bribery, coercion or blackmail. S3AFRICA can conduct background checks on recruited staff to ensure the integrity of new staff. If authorised by the employer, S3AFRICA can verify skills, qualifications and previous employment, conduct credit, residency, criminal record, civil litigation and polygraph checks.
Security Orientation: Staff properly prepared, to deal with security threats associated with working in a particular environment, is a key element to the overall security of any organisation. S3AFRICA provide staff training that includes:

  • Personal Security and Awareness (PSA)
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Travel Management and Security
  • Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance Techniques
  • Defensive Driving and Anti Ambush and Anti Hijacking Drills
  • IED/Explosive Threats and response
  • Extortion, Bribery, Kidnap and Ransom
  • Missing Person Procedures
  • Information and Communications Security
  • Incident Recovery and Relocation Drills

Communications and General Administrative

S3AFRICA ensures that secure and efficient communication channels remain open and stable during short, medium and long-term contract deployments. All daily procedures, incidents, response and preventative planning is fully documented and archived for future reference in accordance with S3AFRICA’s record and documentation policy. S3AFRICA’s documentation includes comprehensive client Safety & Security residence/business/ factory assessments, client satisfaction surveys and a potential deviation analysis. Information is used to continually update and improve S3AFRICA services and is made available to clients for reference purposes.

Logistical Support

Holding comprehensive equipment inventories, S3AFRICA staff members are equipped with quality equipment. On guarding details this will typically include: Two-way transceivers, medical response kit, tactical torches, batons, Oleoresin Capsicum spray (OC gas) and firefighting equipment and on high risk details the appropriate firearm (handgun, shotgun or self-loading rifle) and related equipment.

Emergency Medical Services

Many S3AFRICA security staff members are also trained in Emergency Medical Response. A lot of emphasis is placed on practical training and experience; some of the National team members are also registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa. In addition, S3AFRICA provide full EMS backup and support services in all operational areas.